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Arch announcements, Package & Security Advisories

News, announcements and advisories originating from Arch.
2 6 xorg-server 1.16 issues
by mandog

Evo/Lution Discussion

General Evo/Lution discussion and feature requests. Not a place for technical issues.
6 6 Evo/Lution needs mentioned on ArchLinux wikipedia "also see" category
by CarlD

Forum Discussion

Issues and discussion regarding the forums
2 0 New Evo/Lution Forum Moderator Anouncement
by EvoMon

Project Contributions

Requests and offers to help the Evo/Lution project - become part of the solution!
3 18 The Evo/lution Project Is Now On GitHub
by EvoMon

Evo/Lution Development

Developments and prototypes for new releases can be discussed here.
10 88 Evo/Lution-AIS 0.2 has been released for testing!
by Kat

Desktop Discussion and Customisation

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Originally forked from Gnome2, and developed for Mint Linux
0 0 None


Highly customisable window manager based on Enlightenment Foundation Libraries.
1 0 Weird DE....
by CarlD


User-friendly, tablet-style interface.
0 0 None


Feature-rich, highly customisable desktop.
0 0 None


Super-lightweight desktop environment built around the Openbox window manager.
0 0 None


Popular stacking window manager.
0 0 None


Lightweight, modular, and stable environment.
0 0 None

Technical Issues and Assistance

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Newbie Corner

Beginners area for general Arch issues. Please check the Arch wiki and web before posting.
2 41 The Official Hello Everyone Thread
by Kat


Issues related to the installation of Arch using the Evo/Lution installer.
13 58 Evo/Lution-AIS 0.2 Installation Guide for Beginners (Non-UEFI)
by CarlD

Kernel & Hardware

Problems and questions concerning kernel and hardware support.
0 0 None

Applications & Desktop Environments

Post desktop and wm/de issues and questions, GNOME, KDE, XFCE, etc.
1 3 installing only KDE desktop
by anakai

Laptop Issues

Issues dealing with Arch on laptops.
0 0 None

Networking, Server, and Protection

Networking, server, and communications (firewall, ssh, etc) security issues.
1 5 Can't connect to Wi-Fi
by Kat

Multimedia and Games

Audio, video, image issues, playback, creation, editing and game support and discussion.
2 10 Audio players that just work
by mandog

System Administration

Technical, advanced and complex issues related to general system maintenance.
1 3 The Nano Text Editor
by Kat

Other Architectures

Discussion about ArchPPC, i586, ARM and other architectures.
0 0 None

Pacman Upgrades, Packaging & AUR

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Pacman & Package Upgrade Issues

Issues related to package upgrades. Also the place for discussion about pacman in general.
1 2 [How To] Fix "error: gpgme error: no data" message
by CarlD

Testing Repo Forum

An area for the discussion of, issues, and solutions for the Arch testing repo.
0 0 None

Creating & Modifying Packages

Discussion and support regarding building packages with makepkg and ABS
0 0 None

The AUR Repos

An area for general AUR related discussion.
2 9 [How To] Activate and use the Arch User Repository
by Kat

Contributions & Discussion

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GNU/Linux Discussion

General discussion about GNU/Linux.
1 1 The little things that make you go "ooh, nice"
by Videodrome

Community Contributions

A place for true innovation. Share your own created utilities with the Arch community.
0 0 None

Programming & Scripting

Programming issues and discussion.
0 0 None

Other Languages

Don't speak English well? Post here in your native language.
0 0 None

Artwork and Screenshots

Post your screenshots in the monthly screenshot threads. Contribute or share new logos, icons, cd covers, stickers, themes, wallpapers and other artwork here.
1 2 Screenshots
by Kat

Anything Goes And Discussed Here

Whats on your mind?
6 2 Having a blast doing the Yellowstone road trip vacation this year.....
by EvoMon

Arch and Arch-Derivative Discussions

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Independently developed, i686- and x86_64-optimised Linux distribution targeted at competent Linux users. The Daddy!
1 2 Thank you Arch
by Kat


Originally "Cinnarch" - with the Cinnamon desktop - this distro now offers a choice of several desktops during installation.
0 0 None


Arch Linux but with security professionals and hackers in mind.
0 0 None


A lightweight distribution using the Openbox window manager. And winner of Alan McRae's "Battle of the Arch Distros"!
1 8 Welcome ArchBang!
by CarlD


Brings pacman to FreeBSD. Following The Arch Way philosophy, it is lightweight, flexible, and simple.
0 0 None


A user-friendly distribution made for Android developers and everyone who prefers a ready-to-use system.
1 0 BBQ Linux Installer
by EvoMon


Mainly focused on providing a user-friendly KDE environment with a full suite of graphical tools and applications.
0 0 None


Provides a fully functional system out-of-the-box, while still using vanilla Arch repos and the AUR.
0 0 None

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